About El Chivi Uruguayan Steak Sandwiches

Home Town: Melbourne

El Chivi brings to Melbourne the first of its kind the national dish of Uruguay the mighty Chivito.

“Chivito” means “little goat” in Spanish, and according to the story, the dish was created in the 1960’s when an Argentine tourist asked a restaurant owner for a dish of roasted goat like the one she was accustomed to back home. The chef had no goat, but he slapped together a sandwich and topped it with a little of just about everything in the kitchen. It was a hit, and the Uruguayan sandwich-eating public never looked back.

This is not a normal sandwich, this is an experience and a trip to the streets of Uruguay, you will instantly be taken on a journey to the South American country and see why this is so important to this culture as you bite through each layer that makes up this incredible flavoursome sandwich!

Along with our Chivito's we will be serving up shoestring fries with our home made Chivi mayo and for something extra on the side Jalapeno poppers.