About Mamánane's

Home Town: Melbourne

Hermosillo, Sonora is known as the Carne Asada capital of Mexico where the Carne Asada taco reigns supreme.

When the sun goes down in Hermosillo, and in many cities in the Sonoran region, you can smell the burning of mesquite fill up the night air as local vendors and taquerias fire up their charcoal grills to bring, what many believe, are some of the best Carne Asada tacos in Mexico.

The choice cuts of meats cooked atop a charcoal grill and placed on top of a tortilla de harina (flour), bring a flavourful combination that melts in your mouth. Topping off the taco with a unique Sonoran salsa, a fresh blend of pico de gallo, a dash of lime and a garnishing of coriander (cilantro), Sonoran style Carne Asada tacos pack a flavourful punch that is uniquely Northern Mexico.

Growing up in San Diego, California my family and I would travel to Hermosillo in the summers and winters to see family, where we would devour Carne Asada tacos and the unique flavours of the Sonoran style meat delicacy that we loved. I would watch my Mamanina hand make tortillas de harina to be used for quesadillas, or tacos, and these flavours became a staple in my cuisine and were as common as the Kebab is here in Melbourne.

Coming to Australia, I soon begun to realise what I had grown up with was a gift that everyone has to experience. I want to share this gift with you and there is perhaps no better time than now, as Australia is just beginning to discover and appreciate the unique and diverse flavours of Mexico.

Using authentic recipes from my Mamanina and Nane (grandmothers), as well as my heritage in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mamanane's are a taste of Sonora down under. I also am using my upbringing in San Diego, California, to bring a So-Cal variation on the use of Carne Asada that became staples along the sunny beaches and streets of the American city.