About Pasta Face

Home Town: Melbourne

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Web Site : www.pastaface.com.au

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Mobile 0411621414

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Pasta Face Food Truck is Melbourne's First & only Gourmet Pasta Food Truck. We bring irresistible Italian, delicious, pasta dishes and Italian street food to the streets of Melbourne - made by hand, straight from the heart!

At Pasta Face our menu does not only consist of just Pasta. We are very experimental with our products. Ranging from our hand-crafted products such as our well respected handmade potato gnocchi served with our Slow-Cooked Tuscan Beef Ragu, or our delicious Pan Fried Potato Gnocchi to our popular handcrafted Mac n cheese croquettes,

Our business was born of a dream to create and share those joyful food memories that shape people's lives and love of food - those good times when what you're eating is just so damn delicious, that you care not about the sauce on your chin, but the smile on your face!

We source only the finest ingredients, and hand craft our delicious and authentic pastas, sauces and Italian street food with much love and dedication to our Italian roots.

From my past experiences, I apprenticed under Guy Grossi - a man synonymous with incredible Italian cuisine.This amazing wealth of experience in creating fine Italian food, combined with growing up in family that to this day, centres around classic Italian food traditions; gives myself the unique ability to make delicious, more-ish dishes that simultaneously awaken many childhood food memories, while creating vibrant new ones!

Contact us today for all of your Catering needs! Corporate, Weddings special events, Major Events we do them all!